Ruger LC9 Pistol Review and Owners Manual

The hand gun made by Ruger model LC9 is a great size hand gun for everyday carry (EDC)!

When holding the LC9 it may feel like the gun is somewhat small and not much to hold on too, but after using the gun it “fits” quite nice.  Now it does not shoot as nice as say a Glock or a larger .45 pistol, and it is not as accurate, but it does make up for these short coming by being the weight and size of something you don't mind carrying on your hip everyday.

The safety items include a long trigger pull (almost too long you are not sure when the gun will go off), and a visible safety on the side that locks the slide.

One upgrade I would recommend is replacing the plastic pin that is in the middle of the spring, I got a stainless steel pen, this added a little bit of weight and adds a nice look of better quality at the front of the gun.

The capacity is of course a bit on the low side with it being a single stack 7+1, 7 in the clip, 1 in the chamber. However this does result in less weight, and a more enjoyable carry.

To take the gun apart you press down on a clip on the side of the lc9 this exposes the pin, it can be press out from the other side, you slide must be pushed back about ¼ of an inch for the pin to be able to come out. Once the pin is out the top slide slides right off.

Me personally, this is my preferred EDC, I feel like it is a good trade off for size and usability.

I recommend you go grab the owners manual for this gun now from the best source for gun manuals on the web, User Manual Archive, Inc

Ruger LC9 Pistol Gun Owners Manual